Frequently Asked Questions

Loanz has a team of experienced and professional loan advisors who can help you find the best loan solution for your needs. We will take the time to understand your financial situation and offer you personalized advice.

Obtaining a loan from an online lender is generally safe, as long as you select a trustworthy lender. However, be aware of warning signs such as no credit checks and annual percentage rates above 36%, as these may indicate predatory loans that could lead to financial trouble. To avoid falling into a debt trap, be sure to recognize the signs of predatory loans.

Loanz is completely free to use. When you sign in, you can view your free credit score, credit report information, and more. Loanz will only access your credit score with your consent.

Overall, using Loanz can save you both time and potentially a significant amount of money. Instead of applying with just one lender and potentially being rejected, Loanz allows you to easily compare different loan options through a single, unified application process. It’s important to take the time to compare options rather than simply going with the first option that you find. Loanz makes this process much simpler by connecting you to the most suitable loan offers.

Loanz does not check your credit score when you apply for a service on our website. We only gather the necessary information needed for you to meet the qualifications of a provider. Your credit score is not part of this process.

Loanz is not a loan provider but a platform to connect you to the best possible loan options. When you apply for a loan through us we use your information to match you with one of the trusted lending partners in our network whose offers best match your financial needs. When you accept an offer, your application will be with one of our lending partners and not with Loanz.