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US Loan Guide
Get the financial guidance you need with US Loan Guide by Loanz. Make informed decisions and secure the best loans for your needs.

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“If you don’t take good care of your credit, then your credit won’t take good care of you”

Need Cash? Looking to start a business or finance your vacation or improve your home? Loanz is here to help you take the burden off your shoulders and drive your way to a more secure financial future. With our online tools, you can easily estimate monthly payments, apply for a loan, or even avail of an emergency loan. Don’t let applying for a loan stress you out – let Loanz help you feel in control of the entire process.

How To Choose a Loan

It always boils down to choosing the right loan. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration

  • Why do you need the money? Your reason for applying for a loan will determine the type of loan and from which lender you should apply. Always get in touch with the lender that provides you a plethora of options.
  • At what interest rate should you opt for the loan? At the time of subscribing to a loan, make sure that you consider and analyze the monthly rate and also the annual interest rate from multiple lenders before taking a final call.
  • Are repayment options available? The repayment plan determines whether you can service your loan faster without attracting additional charges. A fast repayment option will ease your loan burden more quickly than normal.
  •  Any additional or hidden fees? Some lenders and loan disbursement agencies might have hidden costs attached to your loan. It may thus prove costly. Make sure that there are no illegal fees and are within the limit.
  • Any feedback from satisfied customers? Before availing of any loan, reviews and feedback from satisfied customers will provide valuable insights.

As the bills pile up, it can be tough to stay on top of them all. But falling behind on payments can lead to financial stress and added debt. If you’re finding it hard to keep track of your payments or want to save money on credit card bills, debt consolidation loan might be the solution for you

With just a swipe, you can transform your wishes into reality. Whether you need a new car, a trip to your dream destination, or a home renovation, the credit card loan has got you covered. So don’t let credit card debt weigh you down, reach for the credit card loan and take control of your finances today!

Whether it’s a surprise medical bill, a car repair, or unexpected expenses, an emergency loan can help you get through the tough times. Don’t hesitate – to reach out for an emergency loan and get back on track.

With our flexible repayment plans and competitive rates, you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. So say ‘I do’ to Wedding Loans and let us help you tie the knot in style!

With a business loan, you can keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused on achieving your business goals, whether you’re just starting out or expanding your company

Why let financial stress ruin your vacation fun? Let Loanz help you out with a loan specifically for your travel expenses, making the entire trip a breeze!

Your keys to unlocking the potential of your home! With this loan, you can transform your space into the dream home you’ve always wanted. From updating your kitchen to adding a new addition, the possibilities are endless. And with flexible repayment options and competitive rates, you can tackle those home improvement projects with confidence

Starting a new chapter in a new home can be thrilling, but the expenses of moving can quickly accumulate. Have you hired a moving company? Don’t let unexpected moving costs throw a wrench in your preparations – Loanz’s moving loans are here to assist you in smoothly transitioning into your new space.

Are you tired of renting and ready to plant roots in your dream home? Look no further than HOME LOAN. So, don’t wait any longer, apply for a home loan today and start turning your house into a home.

Work flow

Our working process

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Compile Documents

Wait for Approval

Receive your Funds

Our working process begins with filling out an application, followed by compiling all necessary documents. After that, we wait for approval from our team before finally releasing the funds to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have submitted your loan application, you can expect a callback from the lender to discuss the services and options available to you at your disposal. Any loan amount will not be disbursed unless the financial advisor speaks to you, understanding your needs and requirements.

The possibility of fast-tracking your loan application process will depend upon the type of loan you applied for. The faster you submit your documents, the higher the chance your loan application process will be completed faster .
You will always be notified as soon as your loan application process is approved. You might be notified over a call or email, as the case may be.
Loans are a specialized and distinct part of the banking industry. Yes, many banks and lending institutions provide loans to self employed people.
Yes, many banks and leading financial institutions disburse loans to people with no credit history at a much competitive rate.
If you are rejected by the bank, don’t lose heart. There are many options you can still avail of..
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